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    [BBC HEALTH] The detox diets so common in the first few weeks of the year should be good for our gut bacteria, shouldn’t they?

    By Claudia Hammond 31 January 2019 If you’ve over-indulged of late, then the idea of detox may well appeal – flushing out the Christmas and New Year excesses, and negotiating the start of the year afresh. There are plenty of products that offer help, from detox massages and smoothies to herbal...
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    [BBC] Venezuela crisis: Juan Guaidó says family has been threatened

    Venezuela's self-declared interim president Juan Guaidó has said his family has been threatened, amid the country's continuing political crisis. In a speech at Venezuela's Central University, he said police had visited his family home looking for his wife. Mr Guaidó declared himself president...
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    [BBC] Polar vortex claims eight lives as US cold snap continues

    Media captionChicago is using fire to melt snow on the railway and keep the trains running At least eight people have died in the US Midwest as the region shivers in the grip of its worst cold snap in decades. An Iowa student found dead outside a college building is among victims of the deadly...